Meteor increases product range further

Meteor has announced the launch of another kick out fund and an income deposit fund.

Meteor increases product range further


The FTSE 5 Income Deposit March 2013 plan is linked to five major stocks from the FTSE 100: BP, British American Tobacco, GlaxoSmithKline, HSBC and Vodafone.

If on any annual measurement date the close of business level of each share is at least 100% of the opening level there will be a 10% gross income payout. The plan has a six-year term and capital is fully protected.

According to the firm, the FTSE 5 Income Deposit range is aimed at the more cautious investor seeking exposure to equities but wary of capital loss.

The FTSE S&P Kick-Out March 2013, meanwhile, is based on the performance of the two indices, and is aimed at those seeking exposure to a second, correlated index with the hope of achieving a higher return than that offered by the single index kick-out range.

A return of 11.75% will be paid out if, at the close of business, both indices are at least 100% of their opening level on any annual measurement date from year two. There is a capital protectionbarrier in place as long as neither index falls by more than 50% by the end of the six-year term.

The securities for both funds are issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland.



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