majedie to launch two global funds on 30june

The firm is planning launch its Global Equity Fund and Global Focus Fund for a team of new hires.

majedie to launch two global funds on 30june


The Global Equity Fund will contain 70 to 120 holdings while the Global Focus Fund will be a more concentrated and higher risk version comprising 30 to 60 holdings. 
The funds will be managed by a team of four, each responsible for selecting stocks for a portion of the funds. The managers include Tom Record, who joined the firm earlier this year from Baillie Gifford, along with Adrian Brass who joined from Fidelity earlier this year. Tom Morris, co-manager of the Majedie Tortoise Fund and Yuri Khodjamirian, co-manager of the Majedie UK Income Fund, who both joined as graduates in 2009, complete the team. 
The aim of the team’s management strategy is to generate a portfolio capable of performing well in a variety of economic and market conditions and they operate with few restrictions in terms of geography, sector or company size. The funds are free to invest in smaller companies and emerging markets, both of which are higher risk where volatility could be expected over the shorter term.


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