lombard odier hires yetman for global macro

Lombard Odier Investment Managers (LOIM) has hired Tim Yetman into a newly-established role to build and head up a global macro franchise for the company.

lombard odier hires yetman for global macro


Yetman previously set up and ran a billion-dollar hedge fund firm as founding partner of OLEA Capital Partners, which he left in 2008 after it dissolved, according to company records website Duedil.

He then worked at Emergent Asset Management a London-based alternative investment firm specialising in macro and emerging markets. 

While there he launched a directional global macro hedge fund which invested primarily in interest rates, fixed income and foreign exchange as well as equity and commodity markets.

At LOIM Yetman and his team will bring expertise and diversification to the range of alpha strategies, the firm said.

Jan Straatman, chief investment officer for LOIM, said: “Investors need to focus more on a total rate of return from their portfolio in the face of lower returns and stagnant interest rates.

“Responding to volatile markets and the economic turmoil that goes with them, global macro strategies will become increasingly relevant and, we believe, offer strong sources of alpha to our clients.”



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