lipper more willingness to invest in sept

Investors demonstrated greater confidence across European mutual funds during September, data from Lipper shows, although attention remained focused on bonds.

lipper more willingness to invest in sept


The latest Lipper Fund Flash report shows long-term fund sales hit a 23-month high in September as inflows reached €28.9bn, excluding money market products.

Bond funds attracted €21.6bn in flows over September, marking the third consecutive month where inflows have been above €20bn. High-yield portfolios took €7.6bn.

Lipper added “While this month’s story was still very much a bond affair, the previous villain of the piece – equity funds – returned to positive territory for the first time since March.”

Equity fund witnessed net sales of €4.6bn, of which €1.47bn related to exchange-traded funds. A large amount of inflows went to Global Dividend funds, especially those offered by Pimco, DWS and M&G.

“The more surprising story was the revival of interest in pan-European and Euroland equities [with net sales of €3.1bn], with Threadneedle European Select, BlackRock EuroMarkets and MainFirst Top European Ideas funds the main beneficiaries,” the report said.

Lipper also highlighted the “healthy flows” into multi-asset funds as evidence of increased willingness to invest in September. The inflow of €3.8bn was the sector’s highest since February last year, with asset allocation funds dominating flows.



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