Liontrust chief warns of rdr threat

Liontrust has posted its ninth successive quarter of positive inflows, despite chief executive John Ions tempering optimism with concerns over the impact of RDR.

Liontrust chief warns of rdr threat


Net inflows were £88m in the current quarter, a significant improvement on the £46m achieved in the equivalent period to end September 2011. Inflows totalled £181m in the financial year to 24 September, 2012.

Ions praised the long-term performance of his investment teams though warned of a renewed industry focus on “price and consumer outcomes” with an even greater amount of fund flows controlled by “fewer more powerful distributors”.

“These changes will create tremendous opportunities and pose significant threats to asset managers both big and small,” he said.

“Fund managers who understand their clients’ needs and are able to meet them over the long term through clearly defined investment processes have a great opportunity ahead.”

Liontrust’s assets under management have climbed to £2.36bn, up from £1.53bn six months ago.


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