Lindsell Train staff pay averages £1m

Lindsell Train fee revenue has jumped, according to its latest financial statements, with performance fees almost tripling on the back of strong performance and inflows.

Lindsell Train staff pay averages £1m

The financial results delivered a bumper year of pay for staff with the average salary in the 2018 financial year surpassing £1m.

Fee revenue increased 53% to £60.9m over the period. Management fees brought in £56.3m compared to £38.5m in the previous financial year, while performance fees went from £1.3m in 2017 to £4.6m in 2018.

Funds under management rose 44% year-on-year from £9bn to £13bn, while operating profit rose 41% to £38m.

The total wage and salaries bill for the firm’s 17 employees was £18.1m compared to £10.7m in the in the 2017 financial year. The number of staff at Lindsell Train has not changed over the period.

As such, average pay jumped from an already handsome £629,412 to £1.1m.

However, the highest paid director pocketed £6m indicating the dispersion of pay at the firm. In the previous year the highest paid director took home £3.6m, according to the accounts.

In total, director emoluments were £14.2m in the latest financial year compared to £8.7m.

The financial statement also showed Nick Train had conducted a £4.5m transaction in Finsbury Growth & Income, the £1.3bn investment trust he manages.

Alongside Train, Michael Lindsell, Jane Orr and Michael Lim are the remaining executive directors at the London-based firm.

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