landg launches plan for ftse bulls

Legal & General has unveiled it latest kick out plan, the sixth in the Early Bonus series, targeting investors who are bullish about the prospects for the UK’s blue chip index.

landg launches plan for ftse bulls


The Early Bonus Plan 6 offers investors a final bonus payment of 54% at the end of the six-year investment term if the FTSE 100 index is equal to or better than its initial level on the start date.

The kick out feature means investors may receive capital plus a bonus payment at any one of five set trigger points prior to maturity, which will be activated if the FTSE 100 is equal to or greater than its initial level on any anniversary.

If this happens the plan will automatically close and pay a set bonus, staring at 9% in year one and increasing by 9% each year it doesn’t mature to a maximum of 54% in year six.

Capital is not protected within the plan and there is the potential that some or all of the original investment may be lost. This would occur if the index falls 50% or more from its start level by the end of the six year term.

Beyond this level the original capital will be reduced by 1% for each 1% it is below its starting level. So if the FTSE is 60% lower, investors will receive 60% less of their capital back.

The plan is available until 8 June.



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