Kemp Liddle and Hale return to the fold

Dan Kemp, Sam Liddle and Clive Hale have joined forces to form Albermarle Street Partnership, an investment advisory business aimed at IFAs.

Kemp Liddle and Hale return to the fold

Aimed at IFAs, the three will provide advice on how firms can offer clients a truly independent, compliant and robust investment advisory service in the post-RDR environment.

They will advise on how the IFA can create an investment process and construct portfolios that are relevant to their clients’ needs, rather than trying to ‘shoehorn’ clients into a centralised investment process.

The three partners will work closely with advisers on all aspects of investment, including client risk-profiling, whole-of-market fund research, portfolio construction, asset allocation and client communication.

Sam Liddle summed up their intention, saying: “ASP has been designed to provide IFAs with all the benefits of an in-house investment team at a fraction of the cost.”

They will also work with fund management firms on how to improve their own investment process, product development and ensure their fund ranges are relevant post RDR.

Clive Hale added: “As experienced fund analysts, we have met a large number of fund managers who have been hampered by poor product design and a weak presentation. We are well-placed to help investment firms refine their product range and present it in a relevant way.”

Kemp, Liddle and Hale each brings a wealth of experience to the firms they will be advising.

Most recently Kemp ran multi-asset portfolios for Saltus having joined from his role as head of fund research at Williams de Broe;  Hale is a former chief investment officer at Skandia Investment Management and senior investment consultant at Towry and John Scott & Partners; Liddle was a fund manager with MAM Funds having previously managed discretionary management servcioes at Legg Mason, Singer & Friedlander and Morgan Grenfell.

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