Ions talks up Liontrust growth goal of 5bn aum

Liontrust chief executive is confident he can grow the business to £5bn in assets udner management in the next five years.

Ions talks up Liontrust growth goal of 5bn aum


In yesterday’s year-on-year results, he was able to announce total assets under management at the beginning of this week of £2.1bn thanks to the contribution from seven consecutive quarters of positive sales figures.

“Targets are an interesting thing, but £5bn in assets under management in five years is our goal,” he explained, talking about a business that in the past three years has seen as little as £1bn in assets bearing in mind it has previously supported £5bn.

He describes a policy of organic and acquisitive growth complimenting and adding to the work he has overseen since he was made chief executive in May 2010.

“The past couple of years have been one of reorganising and getting the foundations right. I think now it is a much more attractive place to encourage new joiners,” he added.

Walker Crips Asset Managers and Occam Asset Managers have both come under the Liontrust umbrella since October last year with the door not shut on others, Ions confirmed saying: “If you have a process we like then we will give you the room to work and a route to market for that capability.”

He is convinced that the strategies already being run have room to grow so there is no talk of capping any of the funds just yet.



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