Invesco drops Perpetual, PowerShares and Trimark names

Invesco has announced it is dropping the Perpetual, PowerShares and Trimark names in a move towards having one unified global brand.

Invesco drops Perpetual, PowerShares and Trimark names

The firm confirmed while each brand will transition at its own pace and changes will not be immediate, the goal is to complete most of the work in 2018.

Marty Flanagan, president and chief executive officer, said: “Invesco is a well-recognised brand in many of the markets in which we operate.

“Moving to a unified brand globally strengthens our ability to market our comprehensive range of capabilities more effectively and contributes to a consistent client experience across multiple markets.”

The changes towards one unified brand does not represent any change to investment philosophies or processes, Invesco confirmed.

“In the case of PowerShares, we will build on its reputation as an innovative pioneer in factor and smart beta,” Flanagan added.

“In the case of Perpetual, we will focus on preserving its reputation for a distinctive investment management philosophy and approach which has helped clients achieve their investment objectives for many years.”

Andrew Schlossberg, senior managing director and head of EMEA for Invesco, added: “Although we are moving away from the Perpetual name, we are very focused on preserving the strong heritage associated with the brand.

“Today’s confirmation does not signal any change to the Henley investment philosophy, process or team autonomy.”

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