Henderson cleanup operation

Henderson is to merge a further three underperforming funds in November as part of its bid to streamline its fund range.

Henderson cleanup operation


The £66m Henderson European Smaller Companies fund will be merged into the Henderson European Growth Fund which is managed by Richard Pease. The former has languished in the bottom quartile over five, three and one year.

The merger of Matthew Beesley’s funds is also being considered and if approved will see the Henderson Global Focus Fund be incorporated into the £60.9m Henderson International Fund.

Finally, The Henderson UK Strategic Income Fund, which has £17.3m under management is to be merged with the Henderson Core 5 Income Fund.

A spokesperson was keen to point out the changes are more limited in scope than those of previous years, and were more of a tidy up exercise to take care of things that didn’t happen last year.

The mergers are still subject to regulatory approval.



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