Hawksmoor assets surge to £2.7bn as it absorbs Wellian

Richard Philbin to lead new Investment Solutions division


Hurst Point Group has merged Wellian Investment Solutions into Hawksmoor Investment Management.

The UK wealth management consolidator, which is backed by private equity giant Carlyle Group, scooped up Hawksmoor last January; less than a year after buying Harwood Wealth Management, which owns Wellian, in March 2020.

Wellian will adopt Hawksmoor’s branding and operate as a separate division called Hawksmoor Investment Solutions. It will form one of the DFM’s three core areas, alongside Hawksmoor Investment Management and Hawksmoor Fund Managers.

Consequently, its office in Tunbridge Wells will close, with the team relocating to Hawksmoor’s London offices.

Wellian CIO Richard Philbin (pictured) will lead the new Investment Solutions business, which will include Wellian’s legacy MPS range and Discovery funds, Hawksmoor’s MPS and a new insourced investment director service to IFAs.

Hawksmoor Investment Management CIO Jim Wood-Smith and Hawksmoor Fund Managers boss Ben Conway will continue to head up their respective businesses.

The merger boosts Hawksmoor’s assets under management to £2.7bn, double its assets at the end of 2020 and bringing it closer to achieving its £5bn target by 2025.

Hawksmoor CEO Sarah Soar said: “We are delighted to have expanded our offering and welcome Richard Philbin and the Hawksmoor Investment Solutions team on board. ”

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