Hargreaves makes ‘odd’ move to scrap iPad app

Platform acknowledges the decision won’t be good news for everyone

Hargreaves Lansdown’s decision to abandon its iPad app has been described as an “odd” choice for the D2C platform and one that goes against the direction of travel of other digital managers and robo advisers.

In a letter seen by Portfolio Adviser the firm said clients would no longer be able to access its iPad app come 14 October. The platform group reassured users that they can still access their account on an iPad by using a web browser such as Safari to visit Hargreaves’ website.

Hargreaves said clients had reported problems using the app and had told the firm they preferred the “website experience” and mobile app.

“We’re always reviewing our products and services to make sure they’re offering the best experience for clients, and we believe the iPad app is no longer the best way to make the most of your HL account,” the letter said.

“Clients have reported problems with using the app and told us they prefer the website experience and mobile app, both of which we are investing heavily in to improve even more.”

An ‘odd’ move

CWC Research founder Clive Waller found Hargreaves’ decision to be a bit of a head-scratcher and an “odd” move.

Waller said he uses Seven Investment Management’s 7IMagine app which is available as both an iPad and iPhone app.

“Being ancient, I find the iPad screen and keyboard easier. I would never use the website,” he said.

Hargreaves added that by using the website to log in to their account clients would be able to take full advantage of services that aren’t available on the iPad app like live share prices and the “full range” of investment news and research.

“We know that removing the iPad app won’t be good news for those of you who use it regularly. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes but we’re confident the website and mobile app offer better ways to access, view and use your account.”

Portfolio Adviser reached out to Hargreaves but did not hear back in time for publication.


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