gilliat launches new deposit kick out plan

Gilliat has unveiled details of its latest deposit kick out plan that offers investors returns of up to 9.5% in the first year.

gilliat launches new deposit kick out plan


Its Deposit Kick Out – June 2012 plan offers investors the potential to kick out at 9.5% after year one.

Its offers capital protection security returning investors’ initial investment regardless of the performance of the underlyings, subject to counterparty and credit risk.

The counterparty is The Royal Bank of Scotland, 84% of which is owned by the UK taxpayer.

The plan includes what it is calling a ‘descending reference level’ allowing falls of up to 25% over six years and still allowing a kick out.

The deadline for investment is 22 June, 2012.

Adrian Neave, managing director of Gilliat, says: “Added equity market volatility means that more investors are worried about returns from investment in mutual funds and appreciate the potential protection from downside offered by structured deposits.”

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