Gam nominates trio of women to replace outgoing board members

Syz Asset Management and Janus Henderson alumni among appointees

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


Gam has nominated a trio of women to replace outgoing board members.

The Swiss fund house has put forward former Syz Asset Management chief executive Katia Coudray, ex-general counsel at Janus Henderson Jacqui Irvine and former AIG senior vice president Monika Machon for election.

It follows a difficult year in which Gam suspended star manager Tim Haywood for conduct issues, which concerned his due diligence and record keeping “in certain instances”, resulting in his absolute return bond fund (ARBF) range being liquidated. Alexander Friedman stepped down as Gam’s chief executive a month later.

The women will replace Diego du Monceau, Ezra Field and Monica Mächler, who will not seek re-election at the upcoming AGM on 8 May.

Chairman Hugh Scott-Barrett said the women have “strong industry experience and diverse backgrounds”.

Scott-Barrett will seek re-election to the board alongside directors Benjamin Meuli, Nancy Mistretta and David Jacob.



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