gam launches emerging asia equity fund

GAM intends to tap into overlooked ASEAN markets with the launch of its GAM Star Emerging Asia Equity fund.

gam launches emerging asia equity fund


The Ucits fund is managed by Michael Lai, investment director of GAM, and Camille Vergara, investment manager at the company.

It invests in a diversified portfolio of ASEAN-based companies and will aim to perform the MSCE AC South East Asia index over the long term.

GAM said while much attention had been paid to China’s growth story, neighbouring ASEAN nations such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, had often been overlooked.

The fund will primarily focus on these nations, but will also look for opportunities in other ASEAN markets and emerging Asian countries outside China.

The investment approach is bottom up and while it will consider global perspectives, regional themes will be the prime driver.

GAM said it intends to hold a high conviction portfolio of 35-45 stocks, focused on mid-cap, under researched, overlooked and mispriced companies.

The fund is US dollar denominated and is authorised for sale in Hong Kong, Singapore and across Europe, including the UK.

Both managers are based in Hong Kong and have extensive experience working in Asia.



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