Fund selector: Global Equity Income

Global equity funds can be a great diversifier but investors must be conscious of pitfalls such as opaque charges and the temptation of ‘risk-creep’.

Fund selector: Global Equity Income


Global equity income investing is certainly not new. In fact, selecting companies on the basis of their dividends was once the cornerstone of investing.  
There is ample evidence that, over the long term, investing in companies that issue dividends pays off.
In recent years, in what has been a low interest rate environment, equity income investing has taken on a whole new level of popularity.
Here we take a look at what makes up this sector and why it is now so popular. We will also highlight any pitfalls to be aware of. 
As we already know, global equity income funds invest in companies that have a reliable track record of paying and growing their dividends.
It sounds straightforward but there is actually much to think about.



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