FBI adds UK investment scammer to most wanted list

Precious metal scam defrauded $400,000 from at least 12 victims

FBI operation delayed shutdown of defunct British DFM

Glasgow-born James Ward has been added to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s most wanted list for white collar criminals for his part in an investment scam.

Ward allegedly operated a business called Kastle & Hawk, which solicited investors to buy precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum on a leveraged basis.

However, instead of investing the circa $400,000 (£313,667) he received from at least 12 investors, Ward spent the money.

No precious metals were ever acquired.

What is wire fraud?

A federal arrest warrant was issued for Ward in Miami, Florida on 6 September 2012 after he was charged with wire fraud.

Scams that take place over interstate wires; such as telemarketing fraud, phishing or spam-related schemes, are all called wire fraud.

It is very similar to ‘regular’ fraud, except that it takes place using some form of electronic communication – ie internet or phone call.

Bringing Ward to justice

The ‘Wanted by the FBI’ poster states that Ward is 5’8” with hazel eyes and blond hair, although he may change its colour “frequently”.

“Ward may travel within the United Kingdom, to include England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland,” the poster states.

“He may also travel to Canada and Mexico.”

Anyone with information should contact their local FBI office or the nearest US embassy or consulate.

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