european 2012 fund sales to exceed 200bn

Sales of long-term funds in Europe are expected to have reached more than 200bn last year, figures from Lipper suggest.

european 2012 fund sales to exceed 200bn


According to the analyst’s Fund Flash report, fund sales excluding money market products reached €191.2bn over the 11 months to the end of November. 

Lipper said it “seems more than likely” net sales will have topped €200bn for the whole year, especially as equity and bond markets were positive in December.

Long-term fund sales were €22.3bn in November as continued gains in bond portfolios offset outflow from equity products. 

The report said: “Bond funds were flavour of the month once more, with inflows of €20.7bn, bringing the year’s net sales of funds in this asset class alone to €204.3bn. 

“While inflows to the most popular bond sectors were generally lower than last month, activity still remained healthy for global, emerging market (€3.1bn, of which €1.4bn related to local currency funds) and high yield funds.”

However, Lipper noted that equity funds seem to be struggling to gain a sustained stream of new investment. Flows dropped into negative territory over the month with net outflows of €940m.

Investors remained interested emerging markets with positive flows of €2.1bn going to global emerging markets, €870m to China and €570m to Asia ex Japan.

But developed market funds tended to be hit with outflows – mostly notably those investing in the UK and eurozone companies.



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