dalton brings japanese investment team in-house

Dalton Strategic Partnership (DSP) has established a subsidiary company in Tokyo in order to bring its Japanese equity investment capability in house, poaching a team from Funnex Asset Management in the process.

dalton brings japanese investment team in-house


The Japan advantage team responsible for the running of the Melchior Japan Advantage Funds will join Dalton Capital Japan (DCJ) and bring with them all Japan advantage assets – including the Melchior funds and all segregated accounts.

Akira Yoshimi, the lead manager on the funds will remain in his role, while DCJ will be headed up by Kosuke Arao.

In his 33-year career in investment management Arao has been head of equities at Mizuho Securities and CEO of T&D Asset Manager. He was previously a portfolio manager at Mercury Asset Management, where he worked closely with the founding partners of both DSP (Andrew Dalton) and Funnex Asset Management (Ken Nishizawa).

Magnus Spence, CEO and managing partner of DSP, said: "This is a very positive development for DSP. Our firm now possesses an internally managed world class Japanese equity resource."

Yoshimi has managed the Melchior Japan Advantage Oeic and its Luxembourg Sicav counterpart since their inceptions in 2007 and 2006 respectively.

Since launch the Oeic has lost investors -28.1% versus benchmark losses of -32.9%. Annualised losses since inception have been -6.23% compared with -7.46% from the benchmark.

Unsurprisingly in the past three months the fund has rallied with the Japanese stock market and is up 26.7% compared with 26.8% from the benchmark.


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