buxtons top five convictions revealed

Alpha managers like Richard Buxton at Schroders add their true worth when they step away from the benchmark. Here we reveal his five biggest overweights and find out why he rates these companies higher than most…

buxtons top five convictions revealed


Buxton’s fund is ranked first quartile across five and seven years and since launch in 2002, and is second quartile over three years.

According to data from Morningstar, he outperformed his benchmark in 27 out of 40 quarters within the past decade.

But in order to beat the benchmark it is crucial to deviate from it and this is where the best stockpickers truly show their worth.

At any given time the UK Alpha Plus Fund holds around 35 stocks, making it a high conviction portfolio.

So which companies does he currently favour in above benchmark-proportions, and why?

Buxton revealed all to Portfolio Adviser, and now we reveal all to you



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