barclays pairs with axa to target

Barclays has expanded its discretionary portfolio management service onto Axa Wealth’s Elevate platform, to allow wider access for advisers.

barclays pairs with axa to target


The service was launched back in April and offers outsourcing IFAs a range of five managed portfolios diversified across nine asset classes.

Each model portfolio invests in a combination of active and passive funds and they are managed across a spectrum or risk to allow advisers to select the most appropriate option for their clients.

Bryan Parkinson, director of intermediary sales at Barclays, said: "Since we launched the discretionary management service earlier this year, we have been very encouraged by the interest from the industry and this has reinforced our commitment to making our offering as accessible as possible.

"The addition of Axa Wealth’s Elevate platform is therefore a great step forward to offer the service to the broader intermediary market."



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