barcap offers product aiming for

Barclays Capital has launched a five-year structured product targeting returns of 46.5% without requiring equity growth from the underlying investment.

barcap offers product aiming for


The FTSE 100-linked Synthetic Zero will lock in a 9.30% return for every year the index trades at or above 60% of its starting level.
The sum of returns will be paid at maturity, with 46.50% the maximum return an investor can make.

Investors’ capital is not protected if the index falls below 60% of its starting level, however, and if this occurs capital will decline one for one in line with the index.

A previous version of the product recently matured and delivered its maximum return of 38% plus capital at the end of the four-year term.

BarCap said over the same period the FTSE Total Return Index rose 11.76%, while the FTSE Price Return Index lost 4%.

Lisa Chaudhuri, head of UK Investor Solutions at Barclays Capital, said: "The mood among wealth managers remains generally cautious and many are adopting defensive positioning to help protect to a degree against market falls.

“This particular investment profile may also be attractive for managers who hold zero dividend preference shares as either a complement or replacement to part of their portfolio."


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