New backer for Nutmeg, the new online discretionary fund management service, has announced details of a new private investor.

New backer for Nutmeg


Todd Ruppert, founder and CEO of RTR International has committed to the firm, describing the services as “a disruptive force for good.”

Previous investors include Tim Draper, an early investor in Skype and Hotmail, Daniel Aegerter, the Swiss Chairman of Armada Investment Group and Klaus Hommels, a board member of Spotify.

The service is aimed at investors seeking an alternative to traditional wealth management offerings, with management fees of 1% and a minimum investment of £1000.

Nick Hungerford, co-founder and CEO of commented: “The financial services industry has faced colossal issues surrounding trust and apathy and investors have become wise to the industry’s lack of transparency and high fees.

"We developed as a way to help investors gain control over their finances via a straightforward process and to help manage their money in a way they understand. Since launch in October 2012 we have seen huge interest in our services, surpassing launch phase targets.”


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