Assetco targets US distribution and beyond

Asset manager has partnered with Investcloud to take it products and strategies global

Martin Gilbert Assetco
Martin Gilbert


Martin Gilbert’s Assetco has joined forced with digital investment solutions platform Investcloud in a bid to enhance the distribution of its financial products and strategies, globally.

Beginning later this year, the platform will distribute Assetco’s investment strategies and financial products, initially to US advisers, via its Financial Supermarket.

The marketplace enables advisors to search for and select products for clients, using digital search capabilities to access virtual products all in one location.

Assetco is now a member of Investcloud’s client base, which currently includes over 150 asset managers, 400 wealth managers, and 140,000 individual financial advisors. The platform has over $6trn (£5trn) of assets, globally.

Campbell Fleming, CEO of Assetco, said the firm is undergoing a period of dynamic change: “Our partnership with Investcloud plays a pivotal role in our transformational strategy in the US, as we engage in a digital partnership to align ourselves with investors preferences of the future.”

Though the partnership will launch in the US initially, Fleming said Investcloud’s digital approach to distribution would give Assetco the ability to reach a global audience.

The subsidiaries of Assetco, namely River and Mercantile, SVM, Saracen, and Rize ETF, will also have access to the platform.

Alex Hoctor-Duncan, CEO of River and Mercantile, said: “We are well aware of the potential opportunities in the US and believe our tailored strategies will be very successful through our partnership with Investcloud.

“It’s an exciting new initiative, reinforcing our belief that as a dynamic boutique we can move with the times and change as the investment landscape changes.”

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