advisers top eight funds for balanced

In the final of our three part series on advisers’ top funds across the risk spectrum, we take a look at the most-favoured funds for balanced investors.

advisers top eight funds for balanced


Compiled by a panel of 15 top IFA firms twice a year, the FE Adviser Fund Indices are put together by advisers revealing the funds they actually select for use in cautious, balanced and aggressive portfolios.

Unsurprisingly, in the balanced category, which bridges the aggressive and cautious risk profiles, there is some cross-over with the funds recommended by advisers at either extremes of the spectrum.

Of eight funds, the top picks for balanced investors have five in common with the top seven selected for cautious investors, click here if you missed them.

Meanwhile, it has two funds that overlap with advisers’ top selections for aggressive funds (one of which is also in the cautious selection), click here to find out what they were.

Lastly, it includes two funds that were not selected for use in either cautious or aggressive portfolios, and so inhibit a very special space in the balanced sector.

To see if you favour the same selection for balanced investors as you peers, click here.



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